Power Banks and Portable chargers have been out for a long time. They definitely charge your phone, but they are very heavy and hard to manage. They are very inconvenient to carry around especially if you have other factors like long annoying cords, or having no pockets for both your phone and the portable charger. We have made the exact solution. The Batteryy is the thinnest portable charger in the world right now. A sticker that you easily place on your phone, and the laser technology does the rest. No more feeling like you're holding two phones at once when trying to use a powerbank to charge your phone.

Have you ever used a laser to play with your cat? Or used a television remote? What if I told you that the same technology that is in your cat’s laser toy could charge your phone? IR charging uses infrared lasers to charge your devices remotely from anywhere. Inside the range of the lasers, your phone will just magically start charging. No more cords, no more dead phones, and no more awkward, “can I borrow your charger?”. The beams are invisible and harmless and they charge your phone with ease! As we live in the 21st century, we all have an electronic device of some kind. While we all have our own individual issues with technology, we all suffer from a low battery level. Look at your phone right now, what charge is it at? Does it need to be charged? Well, what if while you are sitting here listening to us ramble, your phone was being charged. It would be sitting in your pocket, without any cords, and it would be charging; now that, would be amazing. This is the change we want to see in the world, no more dead batteries, no more tangled cords, and infinite access into the world of technology. This is why we choose IR-wireless charging.

The most common method of wireless charging is QI; while it is much more common, it is not better than IR. While IT charging can work in an area of 500ft², QI is short range; your device must be within 40mm of the charging pad. If removed from the charging pad, your phone will stop charging. What is the point of wireless charging if your phone must be touching the charging pad at all times? In that case, wired charging is better. IR charging can be used anywhere inside a room, not just placed on a charging pad.

Our society is reliant on technology. The ability to have that technology being charged at all times would majority improve the state of living in the 21st century. Phones are used for basically everything; payment, gps, music, communications, and learning just to name a few. Imagine the way society would develop if our phones never died; we would be unstoppable. The convenience of not having to constantly wait around the outlet that the cord charger is plugged into, the convenience of not having to wait while the phone is charging via QI, convenience of not possibly forgetting the charger while out somewhere, the convenience of not having to bother another person for their charger and vise versa, to just have a room automatically charge your phone as soon as you enter is better than all other charging posabilities without a doubt.