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The Inland Seas Boat Company was established in 1946 by Mr. Archie Lang to build police and fire boats. It was expanded into domestic yachts, which were custom built to individual specifications. In 1986 Mr. Lang retired and the company was acquired by Health Care Benefits, Inc. The production is now only medical boats. As an example of the proof of durability of the boats, several photos are attached to emphasize this point. The Carrier Four IV has been used continuously by the Chicago Yacht Club since 1962. The Cleveland patrol boat is still in service after thirty (20) years and five (5) engines later. The Maryland Police have thirty nine (39) boats that have been in continuous service since the mid '60s. The thirty two (32) foot standard cruiser has a time proven hull design and over five hundred (500) of them have been built. This is the basis for our ambulance boat. The forty two (42) foot boat has been the basis of many personal cruisers and is the ideal platform for laboratory and medical use. The fifty four (54) foot triple cabin yacht is the largest boat we have made to date. Of the fifteen hundred (1,500) boats that have been built over the last fifty (50) years our research shows that over one thousand (1,000) are still in service. The fifty-sixth boat that left the factory in 1951 is currently being repowered and will soon be back on the water. We continue to build only this quality of boats.
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Our medical and dental boats are customized with the equipment required to fit your specific need. All our boats start with the same core:
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Health Care Benefits not only manufactures mobile medical units, we also can build for you complete turn-key hospitals and clinics.
Our expertise lends itself to smaller, 100 bed an under, regional facilities.
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